History of  Dharmasoka College

Before  the year 1913 there were two schools in Ambalangoda. One named “Weslyan”  which was in the church at Randombe and the other named “ Buddhist English School” in the main street of Ambalangoda. This Buddhist English School started by “ Sugatha Sasanodhaya Samithi ” in 1894 and later entrusted to the “ Parama Vigragnartha Buddhist Society ” of Colombo. It was a period that re-awakening of Buddhists was emerging. Another exclusive school was born in  Ambalangoda city  making itself evident. It is Dharmasoka College the popular, unique schools of today that was started in the first term in the 1913. According to the records this school was started in a house located where the old Ranjani Hotel of the Station Road  It was belonged to a gentlemen named Jayasena. The founder of the school is “ Mudalindu Santhiyagu Thomas De Silva” who was a pensioner of the government service.

The regional rulers of the Buddhist English school had started to construct a school building in a land which had a cemetery belonged to “ Liyanage Walawwa ” adjoining Lasinton roadin Ambalangoda itself . A sit was stopped halfway, Muddliar thatched the roof of that building spending his personal money. As a result of it, Mudliar was able to establish the new school which was held in Galle road on the day of the new term started in 1913. The case filed in Balapitiya court regarding that  building was also won by the Mudliar.

Even though the new school showed a clear progress, the authorities hadn’t taken steps to register it.But the well-wishers’ interest and majority requests were more powerful. Because of that,the old school was joined with the new school and it was registered as Dharmasoka College on 2nd February in 1914. The first principal and the first manager of newly registered school was Mudliar. Headmaster was Mr.N.B.Wimalasuriya who held the same position of the old school. Mudliar gave up the post of the principal after 1919 and held the manager post till he died on 10th April 1922. After his death the Sugatha Sasanodaya Samithi managed the school under number of managers till it had been assigned to the government in 1961. Today, this school is a centre of Education, which is like a university which is open to all Sri Lankan children. It is a school that wins not only streamed line Education but also sports, aesthetic fields too.

Dharmasoka College is a leading mixed school in Sri Lanka. The college established in 1913. Dharmasoka College is situated in Ambalangoda the administrative district of Galle, SriLanka. At present, it consists of over 5000 students and about 200 members of the academic staff.