Dharmasoka College

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Welcome to Dharmasoka College Web Site

Dharmasoka College is situated in Ambalangoda within the administrative district of Galle, Sri Lanka.

Dharmasoka College is one of the top graded Buddhist government schools ever built in 19th century. It has been developed in a large scale and today the name “Dharmasoka” has been popular not only in southern region but in island wide. It consists of over 5000 students and about 200 teachers in the academic staff. School has maintained a high standard in education and sports over the years as well.

Especially Badminton, cricket, table tennis and swimming are the leading sports events in our school. Aesthetic Subjects like Dancing, Eastern and Western music have also played a significant role in our school to uphold the name “Sokians”.

Each year approximately, 150 students get the opportunity to enter government universities from science, maths, commerce and arts streams. Mother Damso has been introducing many great personalities to mother Lanka  who excels even in the international arena.